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Extreme Waterfalls
Kimmie creammm
It’s the truth!!

Trust me when I say I don’t have a problem getting wet but I wanted to try this extreme and it’s just that lol I was still wet even after I showered. Definitely will be my go to from now on he damn near drowned

Wet wet wet and slippery

It is definitely worth the buy for a more pleasurable form of intimacy whether it’s by yourself or with a partner or multiple

Sensitive Area

I normally don’t do reviews but since this has something to do with a woman body let’s go.

I purchased this product, now scared to use . The product has a glitter base to the solute so with that being stated is it safe for the vaginal area without throwing your ph balance off?

Love it

It's feel a so nice, my man loves the waterfall cream😊

Original Waterfalls
Immanuel Emoefe

Original Waterfalls

bubble gum waterfalls

Awesome product as always

Extreme Waterfalls
Chris Williams

This item is amazing

I never received everything I purchased! I sent an email and have not gotten a response. Please contact me asap!!!!

Original Waterfalls
Jekera Mayes

This is literally the best thing ever created . 10 out of 10 . It has enhanced my sex life to the max. My man and I always had great sex but this liquid gold has taken it to a new level. It doesn’t dry out and I dnt even know how long it could possibly last because he finishes so quickly . I put him out like a light lol . We both are left satisfied and so in love . This product is well worth every penny .

It’s really really

Worth every dollar!!!

The truth

I've been wanting to see what the hype is about & boy when i say slip & slide, i mean exactly that. No smell. No taste. This & a fresh wax... my man didn't last long.

Original Waterfalls
Michael Bussey
Order wasn’t received

I ordered 8oz original buy one get one and never received it. Then when I contacted y’all I got no help.

Strawberry Waterfalls
Laquaveya Cyrus

I never received my package

Extreme Waterfalls
Brenda Amparo

I haven't received it yet

Always a pleasure

Absolutely no complaints

Original Waterfalls
Tanishia Johnson
Wetter and Wetter

My man just said we need to make sure we don’t run out and he’s planning to buy the next bottle. This stuff is amazing!!!

Today is September 01, 2023
And I haven’t received my order yet !

My little Secret

This product is so good i’m glad i found it from Instagram. he won’t leave me alone 😏. just ordered Extreme can’t wait to see how that goes.

Mango Waterfalls
Jovani Sanchez

Mango Waterfalls

Waterfalls Cream
Marcia Gardenhire

Havent received it

He loved it!❤️💕❤️

OMG is all I can say

I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND Original Waterfalls!!! My boyfriend saw this company and showed it to me and after many attempts to purchase it I was finally able to get my order in. My boyfriend and I surprised each other last night and it was an amazing experience. I love the smell, it's not strong nor does it lose it's smell and it kept everything balanced.

Strawberries & Cream
MaKenzie Nelson


Tried it with my boyfriend the night I received it and OMG it’s amazing! This man couldn’t keep his hands away. I’ll definitely be getting more. Love the consistency and the fact that it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

Strawberry Waterfalls
Mara Robertson

Amazing ‼️


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