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Extreme Bundle (2oz)
Crystal Crawford
Received my order

Received m

It definitely smells like pineapple and its very fun to use

Waterfalls Trifecta Bundle
Jacklyn Robinson
Returning customer

I have loved this product since I first bought it. I always just got the normal waterfalls, I ordered the trifecta bundle this time. Let’s see how it goes!

I loved it


This is a good dangerous lol . I love it . And going to buy more

it didn’t come with the dropper like in the picture it came in a squeeze bottle that is really hard to use

Waterfalls Cream
Milk Marie
I like the product

It feels just like the real thing the best lube out there. Perfect texture &consistency and has absolutely no smell which is great. The bottle is small tho and u do have to reapply at times but other than that I definitely recommend them & I already placed another order it’s giving WAPPP

I’ve ordered this product before about 2 years ago and I love itttt. I’m definitely ready to put this to use again.

Wow! It definitely works!!! This man licked every part of my body last night! 🥰😂

This did not disappoint hunty, Im a fan!!!!

Waterfalls Cream
Dwight Greenlee

It feels real good when I’m that pussy raw

Extreme Waterfalls
Pamela Robinson
The waterfall is the bomb

Thank you so much for having this product out. I really really love it.

Drys fast.. doesn’t keep the slippage when in use. I assume bc it’s a water base solution

Extreme Waterfalls
Tamara Davis

Extreme Waterfalls

Waterfalls Cream
amari butler

Waterfalls Cream

Extreme Waterfalls
Brittney Horace

Extreme Waterfalls

Original Waterfalls
Jazminenevels@gmail.com Nevels

Original Waterfalls

Must buy!

I have used divine secrets before this is a GREAT product. To be used even if you feel you don't need it lol! It takes it up a notch.

Extreme Waterfalls
Kaitlyn Sidney
Not happy with the new application

I was so happy with my first purschase so I decided to buy more but this time the bottles are in a cheaper plastic tube that no longer has the droplet applicator. Now u can't measure out how much I want to use. I wish you still had the old glass bottles they looked and felt so professional and easy to use

Original Waterfalls
Ashlei Cree
Original Waterfalls

I love this product so much and the person God created to make this with their talented hands, its the real deal if you ask me!

It’s not long lasting

It turned brown with a HORRIBLE smell only 2 weeks after receiving


Got My order in the mail yesterday.... I used just a little bit an it drove my hubby crazy.. I will be ordering again . 🙈🙉🙊


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