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The devil

This ish is amazing, yall did that

Strawberry Waterfalls
Hailey Smiley
Absolutely amazing

I love it, it came fast and its amazing, I did taste it out of curiosity and it really didn't taste like strawberries but I think it's a good thing for lube to not be super flavorful.

Extreme Bundle
KeayrLee Washington
Amazing Grace!!!

I already know what this does and when I say one hell of a night OMG!!!! This will have a ya man on his knees asking and begging for more. 10 out if 10 I will recommend any day or night. 😜❤️😏

Boric Acid Waterfalls
Mia Washington
Lord Have Mercy

Buy it. Period.

Waterfall Cream!

Da sh**! This will change your life!

Waterfalls Cream
Please correct my order you didn't send it all!

I have been contacting you all through Messenger on Instagram on post and through two different emails and I haven't gotten a response I ordered three bottles of extreme and two bottles of cream and I've only received one bottles of the cream I have sent photos in the emails of my order sheets in the boxes in the bottles and I haven't gotten a response my order was on May 5th 2023 and I have yet to get any response from messenger on Instagram or either emails that I sent my information and proves through or a post on Instagram and I feel like my concern has been ignored. I'm sure this is not how you guys do business but I'm writing a review because I'm trying to get you all to notice I have been trying to get in touch with you and either send me my product or just refund me my money for the bottle that was never sent please check your emails please check your messages this last flash sale that happened on the 19th I did not receive my full order please check your email I've sent from two different addresses everything you need to know and photos and my address and my invoice

Boric Acid Waterfalls
Latrayca Williams

Hello I never received it it say delivered but never got it

Snatching souls

Man!!!!! This stuff is the Truth. Had my sneaky link thinking about a real relationship. 😂... 10 out of 10 recommend.

It’s TOO good

I’ve bought this product a total of three times. My man literally loves it. they are not lying when they say they won’t be able to last. well my man loved it so much… that i’m now 4 months pregnant!😂 It’s definitely worth every penny ladies it’s really as good as everyone says!

Crave Aphrodisiac Syrup
Helena de Haro
Craving food

The taste and texture are amazing, just as its benefices. Would recommend 100% but a bit pricey.

Best thing out!

Received my order a few weeks ago, and honey I'm getting ready to buy another one before they are out of stock again! This lube feels the same as the other waterfalls, the only difference is that it will help maintain your PH. So this is definitely a win win here with this one! So glad they thought of a lube like this!

Waterfalls Cream
Belinda Willis
Love Come Down

The product is the sure thang!!!!

Bubble Gum Waterfalls
Stephanie Hall
Bubble Gum Waterfalls Clear

Left him SPEECHLESS, asking for more!

Boric Acid Waterfalls
Anthony Frias

BEST LUBE EVER!! Super legit feels very organic natural as far as your women’s natural lubrication but take that and multiply it by 100.
Stuff is AMAZING! Reviews don’t lie buy it for you and your lady 100% worth the investment

Waterfalls Cream
Ashleigh Pyritz

Waterfalls Cream


I bought this based on curiosity and it really makes a difference , I don’t have a problem with getting wet or anything but baby this amplifies it!! 10/10 would recommend!!

Nice product

Can’t wait to use it

Original Waterfalls
Paula Lambert

Original Waterfalls

More than Magical

Let me just say this as a very active woman in her late fifties this magic in a bottle had my manz and I on a marathon!!!! Wheweeee! I’ve got nothing but love for this. A little goes a long way!!! Just might order this by the dozen⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Love The Product, Hate The New Bottles

The product itself is still amazing..and I will continue to order but I hate the new Elmers glue lids!! Prefer the previous packaging with the syringes. Can we get those again?

Cotton Candy Waterfalls
The best

Product is amazing 🤩 and no complains at all

Strawberries & Cream
Ashleigh Pyritz

Haven’t received product

Extreme Waterfalls
Gregory Wright

Extreme Waterfalls

Extreme Waterfalls

Amazing product!


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