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Waterfalls Cream

Waterfalls Cream

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Waterfalls Cream is a lush and creamy all natural plant based elixir divinely crafted to enhance desire & pleasure with powerful healing properties.

This hydrating fusion is infused with powerful herbal extracts like Marshmallow Root known to relieve Vaginal dryness and Live Probiotics that help maintain healthy and balanced pH levels.

Waterfalls Cream is odorless, tasteless and designed for discretion with an all natural look and feel while rapidly hydrating intimate tissues.


Product Description

Waterfalls is a clear, fragrance free potion magically formulated to provide superior vaginal moisture and long-lasting glide that mimics your natural nectars.

It is a certified-organic plant & water based lubricant that acts as an aphrodisiac creating an experience like no other!

It enhances pleasure, naturally tightens, nourishes and conditions the skin while maintaining its slippery glide all the way through your sexy time with you, your partner or your group. 


Water, Gotu Kola, Slippery Elm, Calendula, Seaweed and Cherry Extracts

How To Use

How To UseUsing the applicator with clean hands, insert desired amount inside vagina or area of choice. Best used a few minutes before intercourse or play.

Product After Care

After use, be sure to clean off the applicator tip and place your bottle in a drawer or cabinet away from exposure to heavy sunlight. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Ashley A

That emoji is all you need to know to understand. My man loves it!!!

David Smith

Waterfalls Cream


Gooodddd shitttttt!!!!!

Kemelia Paterson

Love love love

Lisa Grayson

Waterfalls Cream

Saadia Russell
Whew Chile!!

When I say dangerous. Y’all better hide from your man after using this

Nikki Johnston
Amazing 🤩

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better....


Babeeeee, last night I used waterfall cream and when I say my husband didn't know what the hell was going on. He came instantly. In my head I was like "yesssss, goal accomplished 😁" this is my 4th time ordering from yall and I must say I love your products. My husband doesn't even know I use the products he thinks its all natural. I never have a problem with getting wet but babeeeee it just give me a lot more moisture and I love it.

Natasha Holloway
Waterfalls Cream!!!!! I thank the heavens ☝️ 🔥

This product is the epitome of LOVE!!!! Spice n everything Nice!!!!! I love love loveeeeeee it!!!! Thank you to the creator of this beautiful and awesome product. My partner ENJOYYYYYS IT! All I can say is “HE CAN DO THIS FOR HRS WITH THIS PRODUCT YESSSSSSSSS MAAM”

Breast cancwe

I want to try ever since I was diagnosed with hormone positive breast cancer & went through treatment I've had alot of issues & NOTHING has worked I believe this may be the miracle i need i just need help


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