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Pineapple Waterfalls

Pineapple Waterfalls

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Product Description

Waterfalls is a clear, fragrance free potion magically formulated to provide superior vaginal moisture and long-lasting glide that mimics your natural nectars.

It is a certified-organic plant & water based lubricant that acts as an aphrodisiac creating an experience like no other!

It enhances pleasure, naturally tightens, nourishes and conditions the skin while maintaining its slippery glide all the way through your sexy time with you, your partner or your group. 


Water, Gotu Kola, Slippery Elm, Calendula, Seaweed and Cherry Extracts

How To Use

How To UseUsing the applicator with clean hands, insert desired amount inside vagina or area of choice. Best used a few minutes before intercourse or play.

Product After Care

After use, be sure to clean off the applicator tip and place your bottle in a drawer or cabinet away from exposure to heavy sunlight. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Kelly Garciamendez
Well well well…

Just saying, it’s been 6 days and the water falls is the reason I’m late with the response 😉😉🥰


Pineapple Waterfalls

Sidney Davis
Blown Away

We used the entire bottle of Pineapple Waterfall in just 3 days. I’m obsessed, they sell out fast so get it whike you can!

Keilah Tyson
Best stuff EVERR

This is my second time purchasing & we are in love

Jane Doe

We tried it and it felt so good for both of us! No taste to it, but it felt amazing!

Natalya Washington
My husband going loco!!!!!

Went on vacation with my husband and used this (it was my little secret) Babyyyyy he couldn’t get enough and he was going crazy!!!!!!! Let me tell you we was on cloud nine literally and that was the name of our Airbnb lol amazing products…….A forever customer💕

Shalise Truxler

Instant WAP. I don’t think I’ll be making ❤️😻 without it. I thought it would be pineapple flavored/scented, but after doing some more reading I see they aren’t, but I wish they were 😩💕.

A Peach
What your life is missing

Hooked from the first encounter... made me want to stack up

Bridget Parson

Glad I bought 2

African Goddess
Amazing Product!!!

I have Original and Pineapple Waterfalls. This product is amazing! I am a forever customer. I have no issues with dryness, but this product is the perfect enhancer whether you are naturally wet or not. It will turn a lake into an ocean and your man will not be able to look at you the same!! The texture of the product is everything. I think I enjoy it a little too much :)


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