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Mango Waterfalls

Mango Waterfalls

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Product Description

Waterfalls is a clear, fragrance free potion magically formulated to provide superior vaginal moisture and long-lasting glide that mimics your natural nectars.

It is a certified-organic plant & water based lubricant that acts as an aphrodisiac creating an experience like no other!

It enhances pleasure, naturally tightens, nourishes and conditions the skin while maintaining its slippery glide all the way through your sexy time with you, your partner or your group. 


Water, Gotu Kola, Slippery Elm, Calendula, Seaweed and Cherry Extracts

How To Use

How To UseUsing the applicator with clean hands, insert desired amount inside vagina or area of choice. Best used a few minutes before intercourse or play.

Product After Care

After use, be sure to clean off the applicator tip and place your bottle in a drawer or cabinet away from exposure to heavy sunlight. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Michelle Oliveira
Love it but I’d prefer clear vs this glittery orange

Lube works great the only thing that concerns me is the glitter, a clear one would be amazing

Kaneisha Goode

Husband loves it

Love it but with they had clear mango

I loveeee this lube hands down the best and longest lasting lube I ever used. The only changes/ recommendations I would make is for them to take the sparkles out and make a clear mango. Even though I had no issues with my OH balance after using it I feel like the mango one compared to the original clear one after a while when it dries sort of dries sticker than the clear, I also feel uneasy putting anything glittery in my cootchie. Hopefully they make a clear mango one I would buy it all out. Besides that consistency is amazing. Also the applicator is a bit short, would be nice if it was a bit longer so we could put it further in. Besides that no complaints at all I’m hooked and will keep buying on the regular!

Toni Thompson
Love it

Absolutely amazing

Aurielle B.
Omg 😍

But it you won’t regret it my boyfriend and I absolutely loveeeee this product talk about splash zone 🏊🏽‍♂️💦


Mango Waterfalls

Stop right now & Buy It !!

This is a must ladies!! Especially if you’re married like me & looking to spice things up! I’m officially a customer for life! ♥️

April Garrison

Okay so! I tried this alone as a practice run one with myself just to see what I should be prepared for! Lawdddd i should have put a towel down!!! Im about to buy another bottle because we CANNOT run out of this!!!! Buy it neowwwwww!!

Can’t wait to try it out

I originally tried pineapple my boyfriend loved it could get enough. Just received the mango I noticed they gave a syringe this time which will probably be a lot easier to use . Can’t wait

Worth it!!

It works!! I love it, my boyfriend won’t leave me alone now! It’s worth the money!! Will be ordering another again soon!!


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